Current Openings
Location: Pittsburgh (North Side), PA

Working at WebKite

WebKite realizes that a company is only as good as its employees. With several unique jobs available, we're focusing on building our business around a small group of people who care about WebKite and are cared about in return. Each employee is a partner, who designs their own path to greatest contribution, while taking shared responsibility for ethical treatment of our customers and providers, our profitability, each other, and ourselves. Hours are flexible. Geography is flexible, too, giving employees the chance to re-locate. Compensation is competitive, health, dental, and vision care generous, and our parking, coffee, and snacks the free-est.

Opportunity to Grow

WebKite members enjoy autonomy and ownership over individual projects. Members who outgrow their projects are offered the means to delegate project duties and take on management responsibilities and more challenging projects. As we are young and growing, positions provide opportunities for growth and advancement. Members are given access to stocked mini-kitchens, the best tools we can find, and an excited and supportive team.

WebKite staff enjoy the knowledge that they are working to provide a culturally valuable service through its mission.  As the world of publishing grows WebKite is building a new way to publish data. This is a field that is closed off to users without a large wallet and a well-staffed development team. We're making publishing data easy, user friendly, and intuitive. We want to arm the Internet at large to publish a directory or decision site without any barriers.

WebKite is founded on the belief of helping users publish content without a burden, and seek team members whose values fit our vision.